Banagoda Vidyala Gets it’s all walls painted

Banagoda Vidyala Gets it’s all walls painted VLL recently embarked on a CSR project to repaint the Banagoda Vidalaya, a remote school situated in the Ratnapura district approximately 130 Km from Colombo. Under this initiative the entire school and its outer walls were painted giving a fresh and brighter look while the class rooms were tagged and fixed with respective name boards making it possible for the class rooms been identified separately. In line with this a drawing competition was organized for the students of this school.

The theme set out for this competition was ‘Sustaining the Environment ‘. The objective of this competition was to reach out at the young students in recognizing their creative and artistic skills. The Tirtha Kala foundation artists judged the drawings with 6 students representing the junior, middle and senior grades being awarded prizes.