Working at Vidul Lanka

Joining Vidullanka means, you will become an integral part of the emerging team, and will get ample opportunities to enhance your knowledge and gain valuable exposure.
Experience with Vidullanka, is for those who believe in themselves – who are willing to work in an organization that thrives to succeed, for those with dreams and passion to succeed
Vidullanka is a company with a principal focus on growth and are dedicated in the fields of Hydro, Wind, Biomass, Solar and Construction. As such we are always searching for creative people who are willing join the team. A career at Vidullanka connects an employee to a challenging yet inspiring experience.

As a team member at Vidullanka, you will be working together with some of the experienced & leading consultants in the country. The opportunity for growth at Vidullanka is considerable, due to our involvement in diverse project in renewable energy.

We are committed to develop the communities we work in, and to protect our natural environment.