Energy Conservation

Energy Conservation Services

How we consume energy is as important as how it’s produced and where it’s coming from. The less we need, the less we use, and the less harm we do to the environment. Energy efficiency and conservation is the next important step in building a sustainable environment for people and nature. Co-energi (Pvt) Ltd., a Vidullanka affiliated company established in 2009, is set up to promote energy conservation among Sri Lankan and regional businesses. We are offering innovative energy efficiency programs and technologies that are cost effective, match specific local industry needs and can deliver a step change in energy efficiency.

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Turn key Solution

CHP, also known as co-generation, is an efficient, clean, and reliable approach to generating power and thermal energy from a single fuel source. CHP uses heat that is otherwise discarded from conventional power generation to produce thermal energy, which can be used to provide steam, hot water or cooling for industrial facilities, and commercial buildings. CHP systems achieve typical effective electric efficiencies of 50% to 70%, over electricity delivered from the grid.

Co-energi (Pvt.) Ltd provides a turnkey CHP solution from feasibility and design, through supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance.

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