Online Training Sessions

As a follow up on its previous session on mindfulness, Vidullanka PLC hosted two more sessions to uplift employee morale and provide the workforce with a basis of support. Vidullanka PLC invited Mrs. Rasini Bandara, psychologist, personality development coach and consultant on board as well as Dr. Indika Mudalige Senior Lecturer, Consultant Psychiatrist to address our employees.

Based on the theme ‘It’s OKAY not to be OKAY’, Ransini spoke to the employee forum to inspire an inclusive remote work culture that engaged all of its employees, emphasize how to stay motivated as well as recognize the common challenges that everyone was faced with.

Dr. Indika Mudalige focused on yet another important aspect of how to transition out of a ‘work from home’ culture ongoing for more than a month to operating from the workplace once again in the backdrop of the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Vidullanka PLC is an equal opportunity employer that strives to keep all of its employees, happy, secure and engaged in what they do