Monaragala 1MW Solar PV Project, Sri Lanka

The Monaragala Solar PV Project, boasting a robust capacity of 1 MWp, was successfully commissioned in September 2021 as the first ground mounted solar project of Vidullanka PLC . This pioneering initiative materialized under the distinguished “Soorya Bala Sangramaya Phase II” program. The project’s strategic location spans five acres of land in the Kahambana region of Monaragala. Impressively, it contributes an annual energy yield of 1.5GWh to the national grid, reaffirming its significance in promoting sustainable energy generation.

Project capacity 1 MWp
Location Monaragala, Sri Lanka
Plant Factor 18%
Global Horizontal Irradiation 1926 KWh/m2/year
Annual Generation 1.5 GWh
COD 23rd September 2021

Vavunathivu 10MW Solar PV Project, Sri Lanka

Vavunathivu 10MW solar project is the Sri Lanka’s first Agrovoltaic plant which was developed by Vidullanka PLC along with Windforce PLC and Hienergy (Pvt) Ltd.  Vavunathivu Solar PV Project commands a substantial capacity of 10 MWp. This is located in the district of Batticaloa contributing 20GWh of green energy annually to the national grid.

Project capacity 10 MWp
Location Vavunathivu, Sri Lanka
Plant Factor 21%
Global Horizontal Irradiation 2023 KWh/m2/year
Annual Generation 20 GWh
COD 28th September 2022

Horana 2MW Solar PV Project, Sri Lanka

The 2 MW Horana Solar PV Power Project has been developed by Vidullanka PLC, through one of its fully owned subsidiaries, Horana Solar Power Pvt Ltd. This is the 3rd Ground Mounted Solar project of the Group, which is expected to annually feed 4.5GWh of much needed clean energy to the National Grid of Sri Lanka, thereby saving 3,300 metric tons of carbon emissions. This project was awarded as part of the 150MW AC Solar PV tender floated by the Ceylon Electricity Board; and is the first project to be implemented as part of the tender. 4,480 numbers of 535Wp Bi-facial PV Modules have been installed on 80 Single Axis Trackers which rotates based on the sun path.

Project capacity 2.4 MWp
Location Horana, Sri Lanka
Plant Factor 21%
Global Horizontal Irradiation 1863 KWh/m2/year
Annual Generation 4.4 GWh
COD 6th June 2023

Bwengu 50MW Project, Malawi

The Buwengu Solar Project is presently in the preliminary construction phase, poised to manifest its significant 60MWp (50MW) capacity. Situated in the locality of Buwengu within the Mizimba District of Malawi, this strategically chosen project site underscores careful planning and consideration. As it progresses through its pre-construction stage, the project stands as a testament to the nation’s commitment to advancing its renewable energy infrastructure.

Project capacity 60 MWp/ 50MW
Location Bwengu, Mizimba District, Malawi
Global Horizontal Irradiation 2063.4 KWh/m2/year
Status Under Pre-Construction