Vidullanka Clinches a Sector Award for the Head Office and a Merit Award for the Wembiyagoda Mhpp at Taiki Akimoto 5s Awards 2014

Vidullanka PLC, Head Office clinches Sector award under Trade and Services (Small Category) at the 2014 Taiki Akimoto 5S Awards. It won the Award for the Best 5S implementation beating several other Trade and Services companies. It also won a merit award for the Wembiyagoda Mini Hydro Power Plant.

In the running for the awards there were nearly 80 organizations from the public and private sectors, and representing the manufacturing, banking, telecommunication and trade & services.

The implementation team says that the dedicated and successful implementation of the 5S concept is significant to the success of the hydro power sector. The 5S lays a strong foundation for greater achievements such as the Kai-Zen (continuous improvements) TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) and Lean concepts and helps towards achieving the goals in simple way.

Implementing the 5S concept means sustainability and was the corner stone for the improvement of productivity. “The benefits are very tangible and visible. It facilitates a more organized working environment; helps maintain effective preventive maintenance system, low inventory levels, cut down unnecessary costs, saves money and improve the overall quality. Added to this is the high morale and enthusiasm among employees at all levels thus increasing productivity in the long term”. The team proudly mentions that, Vidullanka PLC has been wining at the competition from 2009 onwards and winning the sector awards for the consecutive 4 years at their Plants and Head office, shows the high standard and consistency of implementation.

The prestigious Taiki Akimoto 5S Awards are presented by JASTECA (Japan Sri Lanka Technical and Cultural Association) and recognize the commitment and excellence shown by organizations in implementing the 5S concept.