Design & Project Management

Preliminary Design Stage

Review of feasibility studies, Hydrology, Preliminary Geology Surveys.

Establishing the suitable location for structures.

Detailed Design Stage

Preparation of detailed design and drawings of Civil and Mechanical Structures.

Preparation of detailed Electrical equipment specifications.

Preparation of Detailed BOQ and Engineering Estimate.

Pre-Construction Stage

Preparation of tender documents and carrying out tender evaluations and selecting of contractors for civil works and supplier for electrical and mechanical equipments.

Construction Stage

Review and coordinate work programmes

Maintenance of Quality Standards and establishing control mechanisms.

Monitoring of Cost against Budget.

Check measurements and certify payments.

Machinery testing in Sri Lanka or Abroad.

Advise on Machinery transport, loading and unloading of electro-mechanical equipment.

Advise on erection, commissioning and grid interconnection.

Turnkey Solutions

Detailed report on machinery efficiency and combinations.

Short listing of suppliers and advising/selecting suitable supplier for electrical and mechanical equipment.

Advice and handle Machinery transport, loading and unloading of electro-mechanical equipment at site.

Installation and commissioning of Electro Mechanical equipment.

Feasibility Study

Assessment of Design Head, Flow & Installed Capacity.

Evaluation of Annual Energy generation.

Identification of Suitable locations for project structures.

Detailed Design of Project Structures.

Preparation of Project Cost.

Computation of Project Returns.

Operation & Maintenance

Propose and implement annual maintenance programme.

Advice on obtaining necessary insurance covers.

Carry out training for site employees on effective plant management.

Propose Geo technical protection works.

Monthly Site inspection and submit reports to clients