Blessed with an abundance of natural resources, the island of Sri Lanka is a treasure trove of untapped potential. In this context, Vidullanka has astutely understood the compelling business case for harvesting the different types of resources to benefit the economy, environment and people.

Hydro Sourcing

Vidullanka PLC carries out sourcing of Electro Mechanical equipments for Mini Hydro Power Projects from reputed manufacturers. We provide our expertise from ordering to installing of Electro Mechanicals. We have a team of experienced consultants to carry out installation process.

Wind Sourcing

Wind is a greatly underestimated and largely undeveloped source of clean energy and Sri Lanka is fortunately, situated favourably to benefit from four wind seasons. Good to excellent wind resources are experienced along the north-western coastal region and in the central highlands.

Our studies have indicated that the potential for wind power generation is in the range of 20,000 – 50,000 MW. We believe that this is a lucrative though largely untapped market, with an associated industry for wind turbines and related products and services.

Vidullanka has invested in a global partner who is a market leader in manufacturing wind turbines. We offer this combined expertise, technology and experience to interested parties in the region, who wish to develop this eco-friendly source of power generation.

Solar Sourcing

Vidullanka PLC is venturing in supplying of solar panels on a Business to Business (B2B) model in collaboration with global partners. Initial research into the business model has been encouraging.