Infrastructure Development And Support For The Villagers Of Banagoda and Batatota

Vidullanka’s strategic approach to CSR was conceptualized a year ago. Our first formal project was a 5 kW micro-hydro project at Gabalawatte, a remote village situated in the Ratnapura district, approximately 125 km from Colombo. The company’s efforts have given hope and opened up a vista of opportunities to a number of families in the area, since the inhabitants of this remote village do not foresee a grid connection in the near future. This project provides electricity to twenty-one families, with each family receiving a power supply of 250-300 watts. In addition to providing lighting, the supply also permits householders to engage in different income-generating activities such as tailoring, farming and the laundering of clothes.

The company’s second venture was to improve the condition of a road at Banagoda, yet another remote area in the Ratnapura district. The gravel road was re-tarred with the assistance of the Pradeshiya Sabha of Ratnapura. The retarring has resulted in greater accessibility and transportability.

Our community and social responsibility programs are not limited only to the Banagoda village. A significant contribution has being made in the Batatota Sudagala village as well. The Company funded a Grid connection line from the CEB, which provides electricity for approximately 35 households ,a building in the school has also been renovated and construction of a cable bridge which is amongst other community development projects undertaken by the Company.