Vergnet Sa

Vidullanka has signed an MOU with Vergnet Sa, the French pioneer and leader in wind turbine manufacturing to supply and install its products for clients in Sri Lanka and the region. With more than 20 years’ experience in designing, manufacturing, installing and operating wind turbines, having deployed more than 650 aerogenerators worldwide.

Vergnet’s innovative products are engineered to address the specific challenges of poorly accessible, insular or hurricane locations. With so many turbines in operation globally, Vergnet has targeted the Farwind™ market that exists in those areas where electricity is generated from HFO/LFO. In such situations, there are significant challenges in accessibility, limited logistics and infrastructure and as well as difficult weather conditions. For these extreme conditions, Vergnet has designed specialized products and services that offer the following:

  • Easy Transport of WTGs in standard containers
  • Light foundations
  • Light weight of WTGs
  • No big crane requirements & easy installations
  • Suitable for difficult terrain such as hill country in Sri Lanka and in other multi islands context

Two WTGS models:

  • GEV MP 275 kW
  • GEV HP 1MW