Bukinda MHPP, Uganda

Bukinda Small Hydro Power Project will be Vidullanka PLC’s second overseas project. The project will be of 6.5MW capacity and will be located in Bukinda, Uganda. Furthermore, the project will annually generate and transmit 27.38GWh of environmental friendly electricity under a standard power purchasing agreement with Ugandan regulatory authorities.

The Project Company, Timex Bukinda Hydro (U) Ltd is a subsidiary of Vidullanka PLC. The project will utilise the flow of Nkusi River at Rugashari, Kibaale and annually reduces the carbon emission by 17,000 tons.

Plant Installed Capacity 6.5MW
Mean Annual Energy Supply 27.38GWh
River Source Nkusi River, Uganda
Effective Catchment Area 2317km2
Gross Head 110.6m
Plant Factor 0.4808
Status Construction to be commenced
Turbine Type 2 Francis Turbines (4000kW+2500kW)